344 Inness Sword Training and Competition Weekend 2017

On the weekend of the 24th March, 8 cadets at 344 Squadron joined other squadrons in the sector on a training weekend ahead of the Inness Sword competition on the weekend of the 31st March.

344 Inness Sword winners 2012.


The Inness Sword competition is London Wing’s most anticipated competition of the year. Squadron’s vie for the chance to take home the coveted sword and represent London Wing at a National air cadet competition call Elworthy. First Aid, Navigation, Shooting, an Obstacle Course, a Stretcher Run, an Observation Task, Archery and Leadership competitions form the main body of the weekend.



Cadets Ahweyvu, Boni, Campbell, Kyprios.S, Fudakowska, Hameed, Lipinski and Wildman represented 344 on the training weekend and took part in several of the competitions against other squadrons attending the training weekend. Other squadrons represented were 291, 1475, 343, 34F, 50F, and 33F. While this time, 344 did not take home the gold, the cadets had a great time, which is evident in the photos that were captured below.



The following weekend, 344 joined the rest of London Wing at the actual Inness Sword Competition.


Cadets Ahweyvu, Boni, Fudakowska, Hameed,  and WIldman, plus Cdt Laycock, Cpl Saunders and Cpl Conder competed in the competition. Although not winning the competition, the cadets had a good time, meeting other cadets from around London wing and taking part in the activities.


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