Drill and ceremonial


CWO Conder and Cdt Laycock

Air cadets is a disciplined organisation that incorporates ceremony to our activities. On some parade nights, cadets will be required to practice drill in advance of public ceremony parades.  


Public ceremony parades that 344 Squadron takes part in are...

  • Remembrance parade 
  • Field remembrance parade

  • ATC Sunday 
  • Battle of Britain parade
  • St George's day parade 
  • Lord Mayor's parade



2015 “Flanders Poppy” Remembrance Day Parade – Ypres, Belgium

Cdt Tzouvelis, November 2015

On the 10 November, our squadron participated in the Remembrance Day Parade, an annual event held in the picturesque town of Ypres, in Belgium. In this event, armed forces from all over the world, including the US Air Force, march around the town of Ypres in commemoration of the heroes that fought in World War I. All the participants finally stay under The Menin Gate, while prays for the souls of those lost during the War and speeches about the event are being given. This year, we had the opportunity to be one of them and have a lifetime experience.


We arrived in Ypres a day earlier than the parade, in order to have a sightseeing tour around the local area to monuments that were built in approbation of the soldiers and other members of the armed forces, who didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their souls to protect our country. Furthermore, we visited numerous battlefields, many of which have remained untouched and have been preserved over the years. Last but not least, we visited several historical museums, which enlightened us about events, weapons and people that had a crucial impact on the outcome of the War. It was a prodigious experience to represent the Air Training Corps as well as our country in a globally-respected event and have an awe-inspiring tour at local places of interest.