344 Sqn parachute jump

By Cpl Lauren Borgers, August 2016 After suggesting the idea of a skydive to the squadron, the staff were kee13723962_10154530494906833_8703896245788919426_on to support it and began to plan the activity. Seven cadets signed up to take part in the course which would eventually allow us to perform a static line jump, this involves the parachute being deployed automatically as soon as you jump out of the aircraft. After an initial briefing in the squadron and many forms and medical declarations, the group was excited to take part in the weekend ahead. We drove to Skydive Netheravon, home of the Army Parachute Association and the UK's largest skydiving drop zone. After a tour of the grounds we were shown our classroom and began the days' lessons. After becoming familiar with the equipment we began training for the moment we threw ourselves out of a plane at 3500ft. This involved the initial exit from the plane, steering and landing, and what we were to do in the event of a malfunction. 13725051_10154530494746833_560092767600140276_oAfter much practice we were all required to take a test in order to prove that we were capable of performing the jump. The test was multiple choice, however each student was required to get 100% in order to pass. Luckily everyone passed and we were told that we were going to be jumping that afternoon. After waiting a while and practicing our routine, our group was next. Adrenaline levels were high as we put on our kit and headed out towards the plane. Whilst outside we eagerly watched other parachutists land, however some appeared to be struggling against the ever strengthening winds. After the final check we lined up and began to walk to the plane, only to be told that the winds were too strong for us to perform the jump and we would have to stay overnight and hope that the winds decreased by the morning. However, this was not the case and we unfortunately had to abandon the jump and return home. We will be completing the parachute jump in the near future and although we did not jump that weekend, everything learnt during the course will be remembered. It was a wonderful experience that has taught us many skills and many of us have taken an interest in the sport and are likely to pursue it in the future. 

(From the left; Sqn Treasurer Mr Warren, Cdt Rose, Plt Officer Dooley, Sgt Oon, Cpl Foster, Cpl Borgers, Cdt Tzouvelis, Cdt Hameed, CI Dooley, Cpl Renders. C)

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