344 Sqn Awards evening 2016

On the 15th December, 344 Sqn held the annual Awards evening. 



Cadets and parents were invited to celebrate 344 cadets achievements throughout 2016. This year's Awards night was made more interested by the fact that 46F were also in attendance. Since October 2016, 344 have shared facilities with 46F cadets and staff, and so both squadrons held a joint awards night.


The cadets created a presentation practiced a drill and band demonstration, and prepared sandwiches and other refreshments for parents who were able to make it.




Significant awards handed out on the night were as follows;

  • Sports cadet of the year, cdt Conder
  • Most improved cadet of the 2016, cdt Hameed 
  • Best NCO of the year, sgt Penning
  • Best recruit, cdt Ahweyevu
  • Best cadet, cdt Tzouvelis 
  • Best shot, cdt Monasch

In addition, we would like to congratulate three cadets Flt Dooley promoted three cadets to corporals; 

  • Cdt Tzouvelis
  • Cdt Conder
  • Cdt Monasch

Thanks to everyone who attended and who put the effort into making this night happen. Including the Mercer's company for their continued support and donating a cup, and Graffton College who also presented on the evening. 


344 would also like to say a big thank you to the 46F cadets who participated and played wonderfully on the evening. 







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